Starting a law practice in New Jersey

I am not sure why all of the mystery, why the cloak and dagger. After over 200 years of lawyers practicing in the state of New Jersey why nobody, until now, has seen fit to put all of the information on how to open a practice in one place.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here it is. One lawyer’s story of how to start a practice in the great state of New Jersey.

It was a dark and stormy night in Atlantic City. The last minute cramming for the final day of torture was upon us. One more night and a wake-up and we would be in the final battle. Two days of exhaustion were behind us as we headed for the examination rooms. It was a dark and stormy day too, that summer day in July… Lightning flashed and the heavens opened. The lights flickered and interrupted our thoughts. There was a collective gasp in the room as those of us that chose to take our exams on computers wondered why we had. I unplugged my laptop so that if there was a power surge I would not lose my work. I had come too far… we had all come too far.

Four years of school at night, 2 months of intense prep and, just like that, it was over. It was all over but the waiting. The waiting. Always the waiting.

But then the waiting was over. I passed. I posted “Esq.” on FaceBook. Got lots of thumbs up and wonderful words of congratulations from my friends and family. Now what?

I knew that I wanted to start my own practice. I was too old to work for a firm and have a lawyer half my age breathing down my neck for billable hours. So began the process of opening my own law practice.

I spent a ton of time on the internet, reading books, and searching for that comprehensive “How To” list for starting a law practice in New Jersey. If I would have found such a list then you would not be reading my account here.

So, let’s begin the journey…

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